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Accelerating Clinical Trials in the EU

Initiatives in Greece

Support mechanisms for non-commercial clinical trials  Level
National EU Level (Multinational) Global
Dedicated webpage        
Training courses        
Scientific advice         
Helpdesk, regulatory, CTIS and ethics support

Regulatory, ethics and CTIS requirements: Although not specifically stated in legislation, non-commercial clinical trial sponsors may contact the clinical trial department directly for assistance and their queries are prioritised.

Other services by National Competent Authority

A 50% reduction is available compared to the standard fee, for both initial clinical trial applications and subsequent substantial modifications. 

Legislation: OJ B'1098/10-08-2006 Art 18 and 19

Services by ethics committee        
Public GCP support        
Public research office        
National funding        
Funding coordination and navigation of research infrastructure        
Support identifying research networks        
Other support mechanisms