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Accelerating Clinical Trials in the EU
Support mechanisms for non-commercial clinical trials Level
NationalEU Level (Multinational)Global
Dedicated webpage    
Training coursesRegular dedicated training and webinars offered.  X
Scientific advice Reduced fees offered, in line with national legislation.  X
Helpdesk, regulatory, CTIS and ethics support
  • Helpdesk: dedicated phone line to answer questions 
  • Regulatory and ethics requirements: answering questions via phone or email
  • CTIS: Answering questions via phone or email, training material available.
Other services by National Competent Authority
  • Reduced fees may be offered in line with national legislation.
  • No fee charged for inspections.
  • Scientific Support available through regular advice, pre-submission advice and advice prior to resubmission. The National Competent Authority answers questions via phone or email and there is a protocol template produced nationally in collaboration with academic sponsors.
Services by ethics committee    
Public GCP support    
Public research office    
National funding and other financial supportFunding agencies and private investors.X  
Funding coordination and navigation of research infrastructure    
Support identifying research networksEstablished national collaboration with national healthcare professionals and academic sponsors on clinical trials for all kind of medicinal products.  X
Other support mechanisms