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Accelerating Clinical Trials in the EU

Initiatives in Luxembourg

Support mechanisms for non-commercial clinical trials  Level
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Training courses

The Luxembourg Clinical and Translational Research Centre (LCTR) offers training courses on Good Clinical Practice (GCP) for investigators, researchers & clinical staff. 

For more information: Luxembourg Clinical and Translational Research Centre (LCTR) » Luxembourg Institute of Health (

Scientific advice         
Helpdesk, regulatory, CTIS and ethics support        
Other services by National Competent Authority See "Grand-ducal regulation of June 26, 2019 relating to the organization and functioning of the National Research Ethics Committee; the setting of fees to be collected for a research project and modifying the amended grand-ducal regulation of May 30 2005 relating to the application of good clinical practices in the conduct of clinical trials of medicinal products for human use."     X
Services by ethics committee        
Public GCP support        
Public research office        
National funding   X X
Funding coordination and navigation of research infrastructure        
Support identifying research networks        
Other support mechanisms