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Accelerating Clinical Trials in the EU

Multi-stakeholder platform

MSP Advisory Group

The MSP Advisory Group (MSP AG) is composed of representatives from key stakeholders who provide:

  • strategic advice regarding the ACT EU workplan, identifying stakeholder priorities;
  • operational advice for ACT EU initiatives, identifying experts and engagement methodology.

MSP AG members



MSP documents

General publications21 September 2023
Kick-off meeting report - ACT EU multi-stakeholder platform

The summary report of the first ACT EU MSP workshop held in June 2023, to understand different stakeholder perspectives on how to transform the EU environment for clinical trials, discuss the feedback from the MSP public consultation and agree on a model for the establishment of the MSP.

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(482.31 KB - PDF)
General publications12 July 2023
Outcome of public consultation on ACT EU MSP participation and priorities for discussion

The report on the outcome of a public consultation where the European Medicines Agency invited stakeholders to provide input on the ACT EU MSP concept paper, priority topics for the MSP and to express their interest in participating.

(495.19 KB - PDF)
General publications13 October 2023
ACT EU multi-stakeholder platform concept paper

A concept paper is available on the importance of engaging stakeholders in all phases of a clinical trial, including trial design, and the objectives, composition, governance and transparency rules for the multi-stakeholder platform.

(305.95 KB - PDF)